Kids Do The Darndest Things…

Kids...they smell funny, make messes, break things, and generally are the reason why otherwise normal adults, lose their minds, and cultivate gray hair before they are 40.

Sometimes, they also save you.

Just in the moment when I had given up on my music career, it was my children, who woke me up Saturday morning with a huge box.


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I've been working in the business over 20 years now.  I've had a few other jobs; I was once a stock broker and technical analyst, and even owned my own NASD registered firm. I was also the VP of a manufacturing consulting company for awhile.  I worked a few other jobs here and there, ranging from law enforcement to private security.

Music, has been the only thing that I have worked at almost constantly through it all. 

In 2012, I completely went into music full time.  I have busted my tail since then and accomplished alot. I've also watched this business slowly drain my bank account, and my motivation. I decided to walk away.  (Details are in the previous blog post if you care to read)

So for the last several days I've been moping around the house; tying up loose ends on some tours I committed to next year, but for the most part I've been moping. Through all, this, I had no idea what my kids were up to. They had put a plan in action and executed it.

Saturday morning rolls around, and 3 of my 4 kids are standing in front of me giggling, holding a huge box.

Inside that box, was a PRS Zach Myers guitar.  I have wanted one for about 18 months.

They pooled their money, along with my oldest daughter (who is stationed in Arizona with the U.S. Army) and bought Dad a guitar.  I was stunned. I also felt guilty.  Guilty for giving up.  Guilty for making my kids worry about me so much that they went and bought me a guitar. 

My oldest daughter, who danced in front of the stage as toddler, and wanted an electric guitar so she could be like Dad before she was 4 years old. My oldest son, who has carried my equipment out to my truck for every gig since he was 10 years old.  My second son, who plays guitar and cried whe he couldn't make that "stupid slide" sound like the way Dad does it. My youngest daughter, who really is very unimpressed with my music, but laughs at all my jokes.

I thought I was chasing a dream that no else believed in.  I was wrong.  My kids believed in it too.  They've been watching the whole time. I can't let them down now....

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