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Get Mr. Repo Man Early!

Want to to get Mr. Repo Man early and help Iron Mike at the same time? Check this out!

Being an indie artist has its challenges, but perhaps the biggest is that we don't have the same kind of man power at our disposal as multi-billion dollar corporations. As our careers grow, it becomes harder and harder to keep up.  The new album, Arc Angel, is just over a month away, and we need to hire a publicist in order to squeeze every bit of publicity out of the initial release as possible  Unfortunately, publicists are VERY expensive.

We are making the new single,  Mr. Repo Man, available early in an effort to help raise money to pay for a publicist for Arc Angel.  There are a variety of limited edition packages available.

Can't afford it? No problem! Mr. Repo Man drops Friday, August 24,  Help Iron Mike get on the charts by adding Mr. Repo Man to your playlists and sharing it with your friends!

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