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Papa Legba Got the Wrong Dude….

Papa Legba is an ass.

I'm not a very superstitious guy, but there's been some bad juju following me the last week or so.  It started with the problems with my computer, which led to problems with my website, which led to problems with my social media, and so on.  To top it off, I'm horribly sick and probably played the worst show of my life in Ft. Myers two days ago.

Too bad Papa Legba didn't know this old man is a fighter, so let's put that week behind us and talk about how bright the future is.

Bear with me as this post will feel a bit like a newsletter.  I'm toying with the idea of combining my newsletter with my blog and doing away with email list as a way to update everyone.  Its my experience, most people ignore the emails anyway.  I think its an idea that has come and gone. I'll bet y'all didn't know I can see if you read my emails or not.  I know each and every time you send that sucker to the trash bin without reading it. No worries...I do the exact same thing.  RSS is the new king.

So there are a couple of announcements.

There is new music. A single in fact, which is scheduled for June 12.  I'm gonna shoot straight with you...I think realistically its going to be July, for no other reason than its taking the U.S. Copyright office forever to get my paperwork done.  Anyway, the single is a preview to the album coming out this fall.  I'm not going to tell you the title of the song, but iIts definitely going to be special.

Here are some clever hints...

image of a woman next to a train
image a of a boy next to a train

There is a new band member.  Finally, I have found someone to fill the DJ position which means we will once again be able to perform the songs the way I intended them to be performed, complete with all the weird squeaks, noises and bleeps that folks keep telling me don't belong in the blues.  Who exactly is this band member?  We make the official announcement tomorrow.

So. the next few weeks is nothing but studio, then back on the road in June.  New single somewhere this summer; new album in the fall.  Probably some new videos soon too. And just maybe...we can find a way to get rid of these pesky emails.  In the meantime, if Papa Legba brings his sorry ass round your way, play him this song and tell him to get on down the road.  Ain't body got time fuh dat.

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