Iron Mike Norton Endorses Mental Case, Big Bends

OCALA, FL - Iron Mike Norton announced yet another round of endorsements with Mental Case, and Big Bends Nut Sauce.  The announcement is the second endorsement announcement in as many weeks, as the Florida based, slide guitarist prepares for two separate U.S. tours in 2018.

Iron Mike Norton:

"This really came at the perfect time for us.  Gearing up for two different tours, playing two different formats, means stocking up on twice the stuff.  I can't thank them enough."

The endorsements were procured through WB Gear, a Canadian firm that represents 10 separate brands from the U.S. and Canada and has provided endorsements for artist like Shinedown, and Blackstone Cherry.


The king of swamp stomp, blues recording artist and producer Iron Mike Norton is described by peers and critics as one of the most innovative and creative artists in the genre. Iron Mike combines elements of modern styles like hip hop, rock and techno with traditional hill country slide guitar blues. The result is a sound truly unique to Iron Mike alone.

Based out of the swamps of Florida, Iron Mike has performed for audiences in both the USA and abroad. His ability to cross over into other formats has garnered him the opportunity to work with top blues artists, but giants from other genres, like Willie Nelson, Rob Zombie, and his mentor, Sonny Landreth.


Sparking from basic necessity, Mental Case founder Jim Frech recalls a common need for any musician, local or touring; a need to protect your band’s lifeline … its gear. In the midst of the 1980s rock-n-roll movement, finding a road case was much more difficult than simply hopping on your smart phone or computer. Finding a superior – or custom case – just didn’t exist. After an extensive touring career, including the opening spot on the 1984 Van Halen tour, Jim took it upon himself to design and create a case that could withstand the abuses of the road while keeping his gear intact. Established in 1985 in Norwich, NY, Mental Case now resides in two locations. Administrative offices and research and development are located in Myrtle Beach, SC, while a complete showroom and manufacturing facility has found a home in the heart of Music City USA, Nashville, TN.


In an "obsessive quest" to keep his guitars in tune, Jeff Massey (company founder) realized "friction" was the cause of virtually ALL tuning (pitch drift) problems. He found going out of tune while playing the guitar (or any stringed instrument) is almost always the direct consequence of "friction" acting upon the "fulcrum/pivot points of the floating bridge and the string bearing surfaces of the bridge, nut and string guides.

After 10 years of experiments and improvements in both lubricants and applicators, the Nut Sauce Filled Groove Luber, guitar tuning lubricant, was created. Today, Big Bends is still on a quest to bring the "Tech in a Tube" to every stringed instrument Artist, Builder and Repair Tech who has ever struggled with getting and staying in tune and breaking strings.


image of a roadcase

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