One Man's Scrap Is Another Man's Treasure 

No press releases this week. I'm writing to you n personally about a subject I have never publicly discussed before. 

I have a story to tell you about something that happened to me last year (2018). Some of you will read a bit further, roll your eyes and leave, but for those who stick around I hope it offers you hope and/or peace, if you need it.

Its no secret who I've been in my life. Most know me as the big bad wolf of the blues. Whiskey, women, fighting, cussing and being generally destructive, wasn't just something i sang about. I lived it. It was biographical.  I am a bad man, I am selfish, I am a liar.  I have hurt people. i got in a  lot of fights because I liked fighting.  II got drunk because I liked getting drunk.

In other words, I am a sinner. One of the greatest of all time.  

About a year ago i had a vision in the pre-dawn hours. It wasn't a dream. I was awake. The sky turned purple and opened,  and God showed me the moment when the faithful were called home. I wasn't taken.

I was left on earth with all the other evil people, and the planet descended into a dark and violent place. Murder, rape, and brutality ruled. After all, why bother being good if its too late to get into heaven? Life on earth, became horrific. God showed me the future I had earned for myself. I was shaken to my core. The mayhem and violence was like nothing I had ever seen before.  Perhaps the most disturbing thing: 

There were no children, anywhere, and women could no longer conceive...

When the vision subsided,, I called out to Jesus and asked for mercy. I confessed it all, and resolved to live differently.

Living differently, as it tuns out, is the hardest part. i where the rubber hits the road for me. Its the mos and t difficult thing I have ever done, and I fail everyday.  I don't think we realize sometimes how deeply engrained into our physical being that self destruction becomes. I find myself everyday, have to stop myself from in engaging in my former behavior.

Baby steps.

If you feel like its time for a change in your life. and need someone to talk to r maybe you'd just like for someone to care enough to say a simple quiet prayer for you, please visit the website below, or call the 800 number.

Someday, it might be too late.