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Keeley Electronics

Mike has been using Rbert Keeley's pedals for almost 20 years.  He started doing business with Bobin the late 90's when Keeley was still working from home, modding pedals.  Iron Mike is a proud Keeley artist.

Keeley Electronics Website

Slides, Strings & Stuff

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Magnesium Slides

Iron Mike plays Magslide magnesium slides.  For many years he used a slide cut from a copper pipe made by his father, but switched to magslide in 2018.  You can get your own Magslide in Iron Mike's Store here.

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Curt Mangan

Iron Mike Norton Signature Slide Strings

Iron Mike has been with Curt Mangan since 2013 and uses his own custom slide guitar set.  You can buy Iron Mike strings here.You can buy Iron Mike strings here.

InTune Guitar Picks

Mental Case Inc.

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WB Gear

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Best-Tronics Pro Audio

Gear Videos