Iron Mike´s Tone Presets For ´Help Me Make It´ 

Iron Mike´s Line 6 HD500X custom tone presets for the single Help Me Make It Through The Night, are available for free on the Line 6 website.   You can download them at the link below:

If you use the Helix or other Line 6 product, the setting below should help guide you to a similar tone.

Signal path is as follows:

  • PRS Zach Myers SE
  • Tube Compressor (based Teletronix® LA-2A® studio compressor)
  • PhD Motorway Head (Dr. Z Route 66 with KT66 Tubes)
  • Sweep Echo (FX LOOP; Maestro EP-1 with sweep effect added)
  • Plate reverb (FX LOOP)
  • PhD 212 Ported Cab mic´d with 409 Dynamic (Sennheiser MD409)

Some quick notes: the above settings were used for both guitar solos.  The first solo has phaser added at the board, using MeldaProduction Free Form Phase.  It is a layered, customized sound that would be difficult to reproduce live, but a decent phase pedal should get you in the ballpark

For the rhythm, use the above settings, but turn off the delay.

Have fun!