From the recording Bloody Knuckles

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On the way to school in the back of the bus
Saw a pretty girl with a Strawberry Crush
Ruby red lips, cheeks that blush

Gonna Take a ride with my strawberry crush

Sitting in school at the back of the class
Looking out the window when I saw you walk past
Shakin' her hips, short red skirt
Rockin' my world in a Skynyrd t-shirt
What's your name little girl

Peanut butter, jelly and a bottle of milk
Long dark hair and skin like silk
Ruby red lips sippin' that Crush
Sittin' with the boys and making them blush

Strawberry shortcake, huckleberry pipe
I'm gonna be your number one guy
2: 33 meet me out back
Tootsie roll pop by the bicycle rack

Sitting with my girl in the back of the bus
Two paper straws and a bottle of Crush
Ruby red lips, cheeks that blush
Heading home from school with my strawberry crush