1. Keep Walkin'

From the recording Swamp Stomp

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Produced by Mark J. Dye
Written by Iron Mike Norton
Published by Crackerbilly Music, BMI


There's a big black snake
Coming down from the tree
He's lookin' kinda hungry
And he's lookin' at me
But I keep on walkin'

There's a mean old cat
Sitting on the hill
He's lookin' kinda bad
Like he's waitin' for the kill
But I keep on walkin'

There's abig bad wolf
Barkin' at the moon
He's lookin' kinda crazy
Like a cock-eyed loon
But I keep on walkin'
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Well, I keep on walkin
Yeah I keep on walkin'
I keep on walkin'
Keep on walkin', walkin', walkin', walkin'