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From the recording Red White & Blue

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I have worked over a year on this song. It never seemed quite right. I finally finished it in the wee hours of the morning on March 20, 2020. Written partly about the 23rd Psalm, partly about our soldiers who have given it all in service of their fellow man, and partly about the sacrifice of Christians worldwide, it is all about the coming victory of the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Like His gift, it is freely given. I hope you enjoy this song, and I look forward to our day of celebration soon. - Iron Mike Norton


Never backed down
Never gave in
While the universe was laughing
At the trouble I was in

I wasn´t always right
But I stayed in the fight
Many souls were abandoned
In the places I´ve been in

And the master came calling
Son of The Right Hand
Like thunder and lightning
In the valley of sin
So I gathered my arrows
And the choices I had made
Stepped into the darkness
And I was not afraid
Was not afraid

At the dawn´s early light
We gathered to fight
Saints and the rascals
All on the same side

And the master came riding
He´s the Son Of The Right Hand
Like thunder & lightning in the valley of sin
So we gathered our rifles and the choices we had made
Stepped into the darkness, and we were not afraid
Were not afraid